Forestell tipping

Forestell is a blending composed of cobalt, it was mainly used to saw siliceous wood. As Forestell was easy to use, it has played a great part in its development. There are various Forestell grade. For wood working, two grades are used : grade 1 and grade 12. Their melting point is of 1250° so an ordinary torch can be used.

The Forestell setting up can be done in 3 different ways :

  • With an oxyacetelene torch using a benching table with copper molds that put Forestell on the teeth.
  • With an automatic machine with a plasma torch.
  • An automatic machine or semi-automatic that weld Forestell by induction.

When the Forestell is put on the tooth, annealing on the tooth is necessary because the welding hardens steel and makes the tooth very fragile. This operation is done thanks to a torch or by induction by heating the welding area with DARK RED. Now, it remains only to side dress by grinding the upper part, the rake side and the side of each teeth.

Forestell tipping with Vollmer GPA 200

Stellite tipping Vollmer GPA 200