The tool or toothing

For standard band saw blades :

Toothing is a series of identical teeth, spaces and heights for standard blades.
Toothing is a series of different shapes, spaces and heights of variable pitch blades.

N.B. : there are several types of tooth shapes depending on their use and the dimensions of the blade.

Tooth Profiles

image 1 Shape N
image 2 Skip tooth or London Tooth
image 3 ???
image 4 Parrot tooth
image 5 Frot tooth

The CP shape is the most common shape. Please find hereunder the features of a CP shape.

∝ : Rake angle
β : Cutting or nose angle
℘ : Clearance angle

The role of the toothing is to cut the wood by taking off wood chips.

In order for teeth to do their job, one has to provide the different elements determining a toothing with the appropriate properties, given that the chip should be 0.5mm minimum and 1.5mm maximum.