• Switch the generator ON
  • Turn the gaz tap on (10 to 12 liters / minute flow)

a) If the machine gets hot plate

  • After cutting carefully the blade to be welded (correct angle and barbs suppress)
  • Put in place the two sides of the blades in the center of the copper plate.
  • Clamp the thightening tips and let the blade warm nearly ten minutes.
  • Put a scrap of steel of the same thickness as the blade in each extremity of the joint to be able to begin and finish to weld.
  • Adjust the height of the torch (10 to 12 mm over the blade) then adjust the soldering thread in the axis of the joint
  • Control the parameters of the generator according to the blade’s thickness.
  • Adjustment of the tension and the spooling of the tread
  • Begin to weld from an extremity to the other ; Do not forget to protect yourself with a mask.
  • Cut the thread if it is blocked in the strand.

b) If the machine has hot plate

Keep the blade to a temperature between 350° and 400° during 10 to 15 minutes depending on the blade ‘s thickness.

c) If the machine has a gaz reheating system

  • Clamp off the blade and bring it careful to the gaz reheating system.
  • The least shakes during this operation can create cracks inside the strand because the welding before annealing is very hard and easy to break.
  • Switch on the reheating system and make to marks near (some milimeters) each extremity of the joint with thermochrom pencil ; Wait for about 2 or 3 minutes for the color changes from green to grey.
  • It is better not to work in a draught, because a sudden quenching make the welding easy to break
  • Wait few minutes for the welding to cool before grinding. When grinding on the welding, do not force but make sweeps on all the width of the blade not to harden the welding again, especially when cracks are grinded by fits and starts.
  • Finish levelling the side and the back of the blade with a flat file and the back of the teeth with halfround file.
  • The last task consists in polishing the welding and the blue color around it either with a belt sanding machine or a grinding machine.